A look into Gareth Pugh

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Gareth Pugh Bio

“We have to sell the dream before we can sell the clothes” says Gareth Pugh prior to his first woman’s wear show staged in Paris. Most would agree his cutting edge style is far from traditional. Known for his intricate geometric designs and out there pieces.

The British designer began his studies at City of Sunderland College and finished at Central St Martins in 2003. Afterward, he worked along side Rick Owens during an internship which really broadened his horizons, getting him on his way to becoming great. In his Spring Season 2009, inspired by Hamlet and the Elizabethan era, the models cascaded down the runway wearing black on the back and white on the front of their outfits; This represented escaping the dark and entering into a brighter future.

He absorbs his inspiration from the punk and gothic scenes, as well as video games; Uses leather frequently, in mostly black palettes. However an 80’s club style mixed with Klaus Nomi is evidently noticeable. In his most recent work, Pugh has released a much more versatile line that is luxurious, romantic, uses softer fabrics, and shades of grey. It is necessary for him to do this considering his past is artistic, costumed based, and theatrical. He wants to keep his image and be true to himself by being different, but knows that if he wants to sell, he has to compromise the consumer.

You can often read about Pugh in Dazed And Confused Magazine, Frame Magazine, and purchase his most recent line from http://www.forwardforward.com.


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