Trend Forecasting

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

A trend that I think society is building up to be ready for and going to see a lot more is Futuristic clothing. It is a particular imagined vision of the clothing that might be worn in the distant future, typically found in science fiction novels and science fiction films of the 1940s onwards, Also Designers are starting to produce more futuristic clothing on the runways, and celebrity lady gaga tends to dress a little out there and has a wide fan base that looks up to her. The garments envisioned have most commonly been either one-piece garments, skin-tight garments, or both, typically ending up looking like either overalls or leotards, often worn together with plastic boots. In many cases, there is an assumption that the clothing of the future will be highly uniform.

The cliche of futuristic clothing has now become part of the idea of retro-futurism. Futuristic fashion plays on these now-hackneyed stereotypes, and recycles them as elements into the creation of real-world clothing fashions. In 2011 I think we can expect less bland and more quality taking consideration we are slowly coming out of the economic fall down that recently is passing in the last year. There will be fewer indulgences and more statement pieces. Fashion editor and Glamour magazine writer Brooke Kelly has said, “For the last 20 years, fashion has reviewed the times of past, decade by decade, and what we are seeing now is a combination of different eras into one complete look. Future fashion is a style beyond anything we’ve yet dared to wear, and it’s going to be a trend setter’s paradise.”



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