Beauty Tips

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Ever have chapped or just really dry lips ? well there is a cure for it. Take a tootbrush run it under water or make sure your lips are wet and brush your lips gently. I feel that when your in the shower is the best time to do it, I like to do it that way but I guess you can do it over the sink if you wanted to. Also ever tease your hair and you just can not get it right to the root ? well pamela anderson knows what’s up. Get a toothbrush and no not the one you brush your teeth with preferably a smaller bristle toothbrush and tease your roots with it, it works !

– Credit to a friend who is also a make-up artist Martyna Tyszko For reminding me of the first beauty tip and giving me the other.


A look into Gareth Pugh

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Gareth Pugh Bio

“We have to sell the dream before we can sell the clothes” says Gareth Pugh prior to his first woman’s wear show staged in Paris. Most would agree his cutting edge style is far from traditional. Known for his intricate geometric designs and out there pieces.

The British designer began his studies at City of Sunderland College and finished at Central St Martins in 2003. Afterward, he worked along side Rick Owens during an internship which really broadened his horizons, getting him on his way to becoming great. In his Spring Season 2009, inspired by Hamlet and the Elizabethan era, the models cascaded down the runway wearing black on the back and white on the front of their outfits; This represented escaping the dark and entering into a brighter future.

He absorbs his inspiration from the punk and gothic scenes, as well as video games; Uses leather frequently, in mostly black palettes. However an 80’s club style mixed with Klaus Nomi is evidently noticeable. In his most recent work, Pugh has released a much more versatile line that is luxurious, romantic, uses softer fabrics, and shades of grey. It is necessary for him to do this considering his past is artistic, costumed based, and theatrical. He wants to keep his image and be true to himself by being different, but knows that if he wants to sell, he has to compromise the consumer.

You can often read about Pugh in Dazed And Confused Magazine, Frame Magazine, and purchase his most recent line from

Fashion Forecast

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Going to be a busy week lots of write ups for school and trying to finish a design project that is very time consuming but ill be trying my best to post something new. However the Fashion forecast for the week is my schools fashion show tuesday, In witch I have never attended one before due to the fact I just moved here to attend the school ( blanche mac donald center ), I will be going to this event and I am very excited. I heard it’s a great show where all the design grad’s showcase their creations. If you are in the Vancouver area please go check it out !! .. Fashion shows are always fun and it’s always nice to show some support for uprising designers as well for the make-up/hairstylists from blanche who will be there making the models gorgeous. Here is the link below for the face book page :

Photo Shoot

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Yesterday I was pretty busy, woke up late, watched factory girl for the first time then it was time for my friend martyna’s photo shoot in my apartment for her make-up business card. Witch turned out pretty good. After that it was time for a munch so we headed down to the speakeasy for some delicious wings, beers and cocktails and a few more cocktails at 100 days haha. After all that I headed home with my lovely boyfriend Statton, tried to do some homework but I was feeling a little to good to do that. How ever the good feeling turned into a great photo shoot of myself looking distressed in my apartment, ch ch check it out !

The second picture of the close up just on my face I took myself but the rest of the credit goes to Stattonphoto, To see more pictures of me that Statton took find him on :

So like I said in my about me I just started Fashion merchandising at the Blanche Mac Donald Center in B.C.
I was never good at school my whole life but now Im giving college a chance in hope to land a job I love for once. Our assignment was to write a review on this Christian Dior Haute Couture show in 2004, I know this runway show is not new but it is excellent to watch. I got a good mark on this assignment and would like to share it with you all.

PARIS, January 19, 2004

It’s to no surprise John Galliano took peoples breath away when he show cased his
Dior show at the Polo de paris. The one of a kind collection worthy of cleopatra herself was mostly based on Galliano’s half a mile high hot air balloon ride through Egypt witch also included the Valley of Kings. From King Tut to the legends and tales of ancient egypt John Galliano did not spare anything in terms of creativity.

The man him self is a four time Brittish designer of the year, the head designer of Dior. Between his own label and Dior, Galliano produces six couture and ready-to-wear collections a year and a new mid-season range under his own name “G Galliano”. He has been quoted as identifying his love for theatre and femininity as key to his creations.

As Erin Oconner was dressed in a luminous envol silhouette dress with oversized cuffs and great arctecture she was first to walk on the illuminated runway with black lights and a rich an inviting tonality that created a mystical ambience. I watched various silhouettes walk down the runway. All models wore coresets some with wooden head pieces refelcting the ancient royalty and others had outstanding make up with greatly oversized scarab earings and other jewllery.

The color scheme and details started off with lots of gold, yellow, luminosty and snake print with a splash of a royal blue and the unviersal robin egg blue also hints of leaf green, coral and a brick color example being the the god of death that walked down the runway. There was also some leopard print and gold plated dresses in resemblence to the pyramids.

As the show progressed we can’t forget about the chic mummys that were lovely bandaged the white and silver mummy both wraped in black or white chiffon. Also the color of he Hierocliphics ended the show, showing alot more dresses in the colors of silver, coral, brown, green and a little bit of mauve with great detailing and model Karolina Kurkova to end the collection.

In relation to the show I feel that alot of it was spirtiual in coincides to the death of ancient royalty and their treasures. As in egyptian history the Valley of kings was where the most important kings, queens and other royalty laid to rest. The collection was stunning and brilliant and as a free lance make up artist i was blowned away by the make up. As quoted by sarah jessica parker who sat in the front row ” I knew galliano was capable of elegance, whimsy, fantasy and history but this was beyond fantastic, beyond beleif, i never seen anything like it in my life, why isnt everyone jumping up and down and screaming?

So I am always looking for new movies to watch, Im a huge movie buff. I just stumbled across this movie and fell in love.I would say that it ranks number two in my favorite movie list. Its a movie about a couple who under go a procedure to erase each other from their memories when their relationship turns sour, but it is only through the process of loss that they discover what they had to begin with. Have you ever been so in love and things went bad then it’s over ? would you rather be sad for a while, remember the good times with that person and let time heal all wounds ? or would you just rather erase everything you ever knew ?… I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

first post !

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This is my first post but not the last stay tuned for write ups, the daily news of my life, my creative work and people that I admire.

me feat. the alley way behind my apartment building.